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Most Coach Marketing Programs turn you into a Full Time Salesman & Marketer, that demand Big Marketing Budgets. Not with us, I promise this will the last ‘Marketing Program’ you will ever need! At our Growth Hack Marketing Mastermind we’ve Hacked the Secret Sauce to Help you 3X your Clientele, Fee & Coaching Impact all without the Overwhelm of Technology, Internet Marketing, Big Budgets & Being Salesy.

The Surplus Society has Surplus of Similar Companies, Employing Similar People, with Similar Educational Backgrounds, coming up with Similar Ideas, Producing Similar Things, with Similar Prices and Similar Quality – Jonas Ridderstrale and Kjell Nordström 

Our Growth Hack Marketing Mastermind (Me Inc. Academy) helps you Break Out of this Clutter, Stand Out, Leverage your YOUniqueness™ and Monetize your Expertise!

Our Difference!

Me Inc. Academy

Core Job - Stay a Coach

Almost all coach marketing programs in the market are designed more to make you a Full Time Marketer! Heck NO! Not with us. Tech Marketing can be Overwhelming. We just want you to know how the system works and the underlying principles and Strategies. You are the Architect and the Strategist. Don’t waste your time getting too caught in the tactics. Focus on your core job – Stay a Coach not a Marketer.

'Done For You' Marketing

With our support and execution team in India & Philippines, we help you execute and manage all your marketing campaigns, sales funnels, lead generation etc. all at a fraction of the cost. This allows you to focus on your core job while our team drives new clients to you. How is that for a start?

Product Market Fit

Most Coach Marketing Programs teach you Sales & Marketing Systems that the big boys use and guess what ,they obviously won’t work for you. The big boys have  all the resources, credibility and brand value in the world, that you don’t hold at this stage and hence you got to follow a different approach. We call it the ‘Differentiated Insight’. Using this, we help develop a Compelling Offer and Market Fit.

Growth Hack Marketing

Unlike traditional growth practices, we use the Growth Hacking Model, which is a proven non-traditional/unconventional approach (extremely creative & ingenious path) to increase the growth rate/adoption of your services by “hacking” something together, specifically for growth acceleration purposes. It leverages the best practices from across industries.

Holistic Program

Growth in a Box is a holistic Growth Hacking Mastermind that takes you right from Defining your Growth Strategy to your Program Launch. It includes One on One Coaching, Virtual Training Sessions, Live Q&A Calls, Execution Support etc. The program also managed ‘Done for You’ Marketing Services

Frameworks & Cheatsheets

Execution is where the rubber meets the road. Most Coaching Programs fail because of a lack of execution support. Frameworks are tools and systems that help participants execute strategies in the fastest and easiest possible manner. This increases your ability to execute strategies by 200%!

4 Alternatives Pros Cons
Do Nothing No Expenses No New Results
Do It Yourself Learn First Hand Waste Time & Money
Give it to a Marketing Agency Their Domain Expertise  No Guaranteed Results 
Join the Me Inc. Academy Quick Results & Entrepreneurial Approach You Tell Us!

Time to join the Growth Hack Marketing Mastermind!


  • Their professionalism, industry knowledge, and sense of responsibility to the client make them a cut above.

    Genette Howard
    Genette Howard Author, Speaker, Pastor & Coach
  • They are holistic in their approach and they helped me build everything, they also helped me see that I am a brand. I highly recommend Joshua Rozario and his team.

    Malti Bhojwani
    Malti Bhojwani Author, Speaker & Coach
  • I had a vision for magazine publishing, and with a clear vision and direction on what I wanted to do with the Dabira brand, working with Joshua Rozario helped us to fully realize and extend that vision to clear expression of what it is today. His consistent creativity and tireless effort made significant contribution to the success of the Dabira brand.

    Lara Odebiyi
    Lara Odebiyi Founder & Publisher, Dabira

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